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Fine Foods of the World


EXOTIC AND FASCINATING | Cultures and landscapes, spirituality and sensuality, poetry and tradition. The diversity of India makes its way from the snow-covered summits of the Himalayas down to the tropical coasts in the south. The culinary area too, enfolds into a colorful potpourri – a festival for all senses.


Aggarwal, one of the biggest importers of exotic food items Swiss-wide, is specialized in Indian products. But not only. Carefully selected commodities from Sri Lanka, Thailand, Vietnam, South Africa, South and Central America and the Dominican Republic are just as much a part of the lineup. From fresh exotic fruits, vegetables and fish to rice, legumes, spices, pickles, and chutneys to drinks, ready-to-eat and nonfood items – the full service partner offers everything your heart desires. For the gastronomy, retail market and for you at home.


Constantly in movement to discover new food trends and to expand our offerings, we visit food exhibitions all around the globe. Be it Sial Paris, Anuga Cologne or Gulfood Dubai – The expedition ceases to amaze. Prepared to satisfy your wishes.


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Home & Gastro World


AROMATIC AND SENSUAL | Spicy chili peppers, aromatic cardamom, intense saffron, mild coconut milk. A firework of captivating colors – This is India’s cuisine. Known in Great Britain since the colonial era, it spread gradually throughout Europe. Well established in our gastronomy, cooking Indian food has become a trend at home, too.


Let yourself be led away into the sumptuous world of food of Aggarwal’s. Our product range offer exquisite delicacies for professional chefs, gourmets, explorers and lovers of exotic fine foods. The assortment extends from fresh items and ready-to-eat meals to frozen articles.


A large number of hotels, restaurants, caterings and wholesale companies (i. a. Gategourmet, Globus), as well as 300 retail businesses are part of our loyal customer base. It is for them and for you that we execute around 250 deliveries per week throughout Switzerland.


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World of spices


SPICY AND COLORFUL | India – Country of spices. It is hardly surprising that the diversity of this vast subcontinent is reflected in its countless spices, herbs and masalas.


India’s cuisine is unthinkable without its rich spice culture. The classical cuisine of India however, does not exist. Too big the country, too big the religious and cultural history. Yet, there is one common denominator: The six main spices haldi (turmeric), jeera (cumin), mustard seeds, dhania (coriander), fennel seeds and methi seeds (fenugreek seeds) form the core ingredients. They refine 90 percent of all Indian specialties.


Aggarwal offers a wide range of spices. As a powder or whole. Pure or as a mixture. It is with the import of spices that the company started very small. Later, rice and lentils were added.


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Tangy Mango Salad

Refreshing summer salad with fresh mangoes!

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Desi Ghee


Authentic Indian recipe produced with the finest Swiss cow milk - our latest addition to our product range: Desi Ghee with a hint of the Swiss Alps!

Available in Bern, Basel and Zurich.


Haldiram's Healthy & Yummy Chapatis!

Discover now our two newest additions in the frozen Haldiram's sectione with these two healthy, nutricious and yummy ready-to-eat chapatis with either spinach or daal.

Available in Basel, Bern and Zürich!


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