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World of india

SPECIALIZED AND AMBITOUS | It was in 1986 when wholesaler Ghansham Aggarwal opened his very first store. Much has changed since. The retailer developed to a specialist and today imports over 2,000 different articles. 70 percent thereof from India. The wide range includes dry items, fresh fruits, citrus fruits and vegetables, fresh fish, frozen items, beverages, household and cosmetic articles. The private labels Paras – named after the head of the family, Mohini Fine Foods, Khalis and Seaqueen are a particular source of pride.


The company owner visits his suppliers and manufacturers in India on a regular basis. He maintains a personal, friendly and primarily a long-term partnership with his colleagues. Virtues, to which great importance is attached in the far Eastern region of India.

Products & range

For product enquiry do not hesitate to contact us at +41 62 919 27 27 or write us info@aggarwal.ch. 

Private Labels

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Not only can we offer consistent quality with our private labels, but also guarantee high availability. We are also able to maintain stable prices.

Since 1987, we have been selling various private brands such as Paras (rice, lentils, spices), Mohini Fine Foods (mango pulp, rosewater), Khalis (rice, chickpea flour) and Seaqueen (frozen fish).

Over 1000 Dry Items

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Basmati rice, jasmine rice, masoor daal, methi seeds, haldi, raita, mango pickle, mixed pickle, garlic pickle, vindaloo paste, tandoori paste, sweet mango chutney, mini papad, ashirwad atta, dosai mix, gulab jamun mix, flatbread, rosewater, mango pulp, Bombay mix, palak paneer, sweet ladoo, soan papdi, curry powder, palm oil and much more.

What can we serve you?

Exotic Fruits & Vegetables

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And always the perfect degree of ripeness. At Aggarwal’s you will find fruits and vegetables you cannot find elsewhere. Lady’s finger (bhindi), karella, dhudi (pumpkin), arbi (taro), drumsticks (fruits of the moringa tree), Padwal (Chinese cucumber), curry leaves, banana leaves and neem leaves, tiger grass (vallarai), green chililes, coconuts, rambuttan, bitter lemon, to name but a few. Not to be missed is the queen of all fruits, the sweet and soft alphonso Mango from India.

Countries of origin: India, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Uganda and the Dominican Republic

Frozen Items

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Our high-quality frozen products range from fish, mackerel, chicken, cassava leaves, naan to many exotic vegetables to soy nuggets, frozen snacks and ready-to-eat products.


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Exotic soft drinks such as Cream Soda, Orange Barley, Necto, Vimto, Vitamalt are not only popular amongst Indians. Fruit juices are also available: mango, lychee, guava, passionfruit, tamarind, coconut, etc. And also beer of the brands Kingfisher, Cobra and Guinness.

Haushold Items & Cosmetics

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Belan (rolling pin), thali (Indian plate), masala dhabba (spice container), rice cooker, tawa (pan to prepare flatbread) and the chapatti box (container that keeps chapattis warm) are indispensable Indian kitchen utensils.

For the hair care: hair oils, hair masks, shampoos and henna from the very popular Indian brand Dabur and the brand-new African hair care line ORS. For the daily poojas (Indian prayers): aggarbaties (incense sticks) in many different flavors with scents.

Quality & expertise

COMMITMENT AND LIFEBLOOD | Highest quality, absolute freshness, careful handling of the products and top service are our aim and our promise. The basis of our quality management are continuous checks and analysis, health certificates, clear structures and defined procedures. Every employee assumes a high responsibility. This we do guarantee with our name.


As an owner-managed company, we convince with well-founded industry knowledge, professional competence, short communication paths and personal advice. We also set standards with optimal delivery processes and the traceability of our goods. Out of passion for our products and love for our country.


LABELS UND OWN BRANDS | Premium brands, well-known and country-specific labels on the one hand, and high-quality private labels on the other hand form the basis of our successful market position. With a mixture of different reference sources, we ensure the highest quality at the best price.



Tips & Tricks

The Indian cuisine is complex. To master it is an art in itself. Here you will get valuable tips on how to handle the ingredients carefully and how to get the most and best out of them.


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